Wave the White Flag

March 16, 2022 | Andy Lynch

It’s been a few weeks since we got back from the 2022 Kingsway Men’s Retreat and I’m still basking in the light of that 28 hours at a small camp in Western Indiana.  

Do you want to hear what the 116 men who attended are saying? One guy called it a marriage-saving retreat. Another said, “There was a moment during session 3 worship where I was merely moved to tears. I realized what it meant to surrender and I just started to give more to Him in that moment. I gained confidence and started to sing louder and raise my hands like I have always wanted to do in my heart and did not feel fear of what other people might think. I also grabbed a white flag in that moment. This has carried over to my week, my cup has been overflowing and my passion has grown. I have really started to focus on how I am spending time with God and not how long. I did not realize how much I needed this time until after I had it.”

The flag he is talking about references a challenge given Friday night. I asked the guys what they needed to surrender in their lives? I told them that some would know right away and would be willing and ready to grab their flag and surrender. But for others, I explained, it would be the next day or the next month. I told them like I am telling you, that I have some flags still in my office and I would love to give you one if you want to surrender to Jesus.  

We poured over Scripture and then began processing it immediately in our groups after each session. I’ve been around church and Christian circles for all of my life, but have never seen the quickness in which God broke down walls, and allowed guys to share and connect.

The connecting through activities was inspiring too! Whether it was 9-square, basketball or cornhole, 32-man Euchre tournament, or bazooka tag, guys were free to be boys once again and they loved it. One man said, “Getting to be with men my age and older, wise men and some men going through the same stuff I'm going with and getting prayer and guidance. Also knocking down some threes in basketball Friday night!”

Another guy said it was just good to get away and be with God and other Christian men, “The camp/outdoor setting. The food. The euchre tournament, the worship, the speakers, and the breakout/small group sessions. I loved all of it.”

To hear the ways that God spoke to guys is the best part of it all. One man said, “I finally gave up a nagging sin.” Another said, “God spoke to me about trusting in Him always. His way is best and surrender all to him.”

I couldn’t sum up the weekend better than this comment, “God helped us to continue to grow as a group of men, brought together by God, to support one another.”

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