Our vision helps us see where we are going and what it will look like when we get there. It gives us a clear picture of what we celebrate and provides the metrics to measure growth in our people as we become more like Jesus. Our vision is evaluated every year, and at times adjustments are made as the world and our circumstances change and new information is learned. We keep our eyes on Jesus and seek wisdom through prayer and discussion to be the church He wants us to be, by 2025 and beyond. Please join us in praying for His will to be done.

Our Vision

By the end of 2025, to become more like Jesus, we will...

Growing spiritually will be in our DNA. 2,300 people weekly will engage through our in-person and online gatherings. We will prioritize personal spiritual growth and create resources that help guide along the way. Of those actively engaged, over 70% will be connected together in a group and 50% will be serving on a monthly basis. We will increase generosity 5% annually and reduce debt by 75% over the five years so that we can continue to give away over 10% to Outreach each year. We will intentionally reach 5,000 first-time guests who visit in person. We will all take our next steps in our journey as we strive to become more like Jesus.

We will intentionally multiply to have greater global and local impact. We will begin to invest in church planting to reach those who are disconnected from God. We will look for creative ways to partner with five local churches. It will be a priority to invest in the Kingdom and Kingsway.

We will be known as a place where leaders are developed. Over 250 leaders will be equipped through training, ministry opportunities, residencies, and internships. We will be empowered to go lead groups, run businesses, and drive organizations to bring the hope of Jesus into our everyday lives. We will help identify each other’s unique wiring and spiritual gifts to impact our church, workplace, and community.

We will extend the hope and love of Jesus to our community through maximizing our God-given resources. We will leverage our entire campus throughout the week to create easy on-ramps and remove barriers for new people to find their purpose in Jesus. Together, we will meet the needs of families in our community through funding and serving alongside our local partners to bring healing and wholeness to our city.

Avon Land Update

We are excited to share this news! 

Our Relentless Pursuit initiative is an integral part of our five-year vision. A significant aspect of Relentless Pursuit is reducing our debt. We have been sharing our debt reduction plan for several years and as you may recall it includes the sale of land. The proceeds of which will be applied to our debt, allowing us to free up more money or "fuel" to do additional kingdom work. 

On Monday, April 24, we received the approvals required from the Town of Avon that allow us to move forward with the sale of the 38.6 acres we own, west of the gravel drive on CR 100 North. This sale has been over a year in the making, with a lot of prayer, fasting, and patience. Please read below for the next steps, as our church members are very much a part of the process!

  • Per our by-laws, the sale of an asset this size (38.6 acres of land), a congregational vote was held on Sunday, June 4 during the 9:00 AM & 11:00 AM services.
    • We appreciate our members taking the time to engage on June 4. We received a 93% affirmation to move forward with the sale of this land. Closing on this land will take place in the fall.
  • We recognize this update may leave you with some questions! We will host Town Halls in August and November. If you have questions, you may submit a form here.

We will be using about 7% of the proceeds from this land sale ($190,000) to move forward immediately with repairing our parking lot. It is a safety issue for those visiting our campus and must be addressed. The remaining will be put toward our debt, as we have discussed during our Relentless Pursuit initiative.

What's Next?

In 2023, we will take our Next Step in RELENTLESS PURSUIT of Jesus. 

What is your next step? 

to CONNECT with God and with others

  • Engage and Grow every Sunday morning
    • Our next sermon series, Relentless Pursuit, begins on January 15 
  • Attend Starting Point
    • Sundays at 10:15 AM in A101
  • Join Rooted
    • It happens twice a year! Our next session kicks off in the fall of 2023. Email Andy with your questions.
  • Join a Group
    • Text "CONNECT" to 317.565.4911 or click here to let us help you find the best fit

to SERVE those around us

  • Serve at Kingsway
    • Text "SERVE" to 317.565.4911 or click here to help us get you plugged in
  • Serve our Global Partners
    • Learn about upcoming Global Trips here
  • Serve our Local Partners
    • Learn about our Local Partners here
    • Participate in Serve Local days coming in 2023

to GIVE generously

  • Engage and grow in our next sermon series
    • Relentless Pursuit begins January 15
  • Make your first financial offering
    • Give securely through our GIVE page or app
    • Place your offering in the giving boxes in the Worship Center

to GO share about the love of Jesus

  • Grow in your faith and learn how to talk about your faith 
    • Engage every Sunday
    • Spend time with God
    • Read your Bible
    • Actively participate in a small group
  • Invite someone 
    • Extend an invitation to Sunday morning with you
    • Extend an invitation to a special event

"He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love." - Paul, Ephesians 4:16 NLT