We grow in our faith as we serve together in and through Kingsway. 

What are your interests and abilities? We’d love to help you consider how you might like to serve and then help you find the joy that serving brings. 

Below you'll find the different areas where you can get involved. Additionally, we put together some great questions to ask yourself to best use your talents at Kingsway! 

  • Do you prefer to work behind-the-scenes, or with a group of people?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What do you do for a living?
  • Would you consider yourself creative?
  • Do you like working with your hands?
  • Do you have a desire to help, lead or guide others in church ministry?
  • Do you enjoy organizing ideas, people, and resources for more effective ministry?

Let us know you're interested in finding your place to serve by filling out this short form.

Interested in joining our new Facilities Ministry Team?

This new group has opportunities to help with church cleaning along with mowing and other grounds-keeping work. Many of these can be family and/or group efforts! 
Submit your contact information here. 

Check out the different roles available in each ministry below. There is a place for you! 


5 - 8th Grade Student Leader

  • Lead a group of students in small group activities based on grade and gender Sunday mornings during one service
  • Diving deeper into sermon content, using curriculum provided to help the spiritual growth of your group
  • Occasional group time outside of Sunday mornings to further the spiritual growth and relationship building of students
  • Background check is required

5 - 8th Grade Worship Team

  • Lead our students in worship Sunday mornings 
  • Background check is required

5 - 8th Grade Production/Audio Tech

  • Assist with the technical aspects to support Sunday mornings, at either or both services
  • Background check is required

5 - 8th Grade Helper

  • Greet students and parents during the check-in process at either service Sunday morning
  • Assist with maintaining the safety and security of students and leaders
  • Background check is required

9 - 12th Grade Student Leader

9 - 12th Grade Student Worship Team

9 - 12th Grade Production/Audio Tech


New Family Check-in

  • Welcome families visiting Kingsway for the first time!
  • Enter their information into our database and assist in helping answer their questions, while putting their minds at ease with the first visit.


  • Friendly and smiling faces wanted!

Parking Lot Attendant

  • Maintaining the safety of all in our busy parking lot before and after service

Coffee Bar 

  • Warm and welcoming coffee makers during our busy Sunday mornings

Early Childhood Leader (Nursery - Kindergarten)

  • Lead a group at either service
  • Other details
  • Background check is required to ensure the safety of our kids

Early Childhood Room Helper

  • Help tell the stories of the Bible
  • Assist with child safety
  • Background check is required

Early Childhood Worship Leader

  • Lead the youngest in worship 
  • Background check is required

Elementary Group Leader (1 - 4 grade)

  • Lead a specific grade and gender in diving a little deeper into the lesson, using guided curriculum
  • pick a service hour
  • Background check is required

Elementary Room Helper

  • Assist the group leader
  • Ensure safety of all kids during and between services
  • Background check is required

Elementary Worship Team 

  • Run Tech
  • Work with Kids Worship Team 
  • Background check is required

Special Needs Helper

  • Buddy with a special needs kid
  • Background check is required

Reloaded Leader

  • Lead our 1 - 4 grade kids that hangout for both services
  • Background check is required

Prep Team

  • Prepare all printed materials and crafts for Early Childhood or Elementary Sunday Work

If you have questions about any of the above, please reach out to Jessica.

Or if you're ready, fill out this form.