You’ll find lots of kids at Kingsway, and we love it that way!

Their spiritual growth and development are a top priority for us. In a safe and loving environment, Kingsway strives to make church both fun and meaningful for young people. Kids classes and activities at Kingsway are fun and age-appropriate. 

We've been expecting you!

We want to give our families visiting Kingsway for the first time the best experience possible, starting from the moment they walk through our doors.

When checking a child into our kids’ programming for the first time you have a couple of options. You can register in advance or we can help you in-person Sunday morning. If you would like to pre-register, simply fill out this form by Saturday evening, the night before you plan to attend. If you arrive on Sunday morning, all you have to do is go to the “New Here” area in the lobby. Our team of volunteers will get your child checked in and show you what room your child will go to.

Going forward all you have to do is go to one of our check-in kiosks located in the Main Entrance Lobby, using the last four digits of your phone number to check-in your child.

One of the things we value the most at Kingsway is the safety of our kids.

There are many ways we implement this value, but there are a couple we think are essential to share with you.

Volunteer Background Checks:

Any volunteer serving in our Kids Ministry must have an up-to-date national criminal background check if they are 18 or older. We background check all of our volunteers when they come on board with us and we also update these every two years as long as they are serving with us. We also have policies in place to protect the children and adults while serving such as, there must always be two volunteers to one child while serving.


Kingsway has a sophisticated children’s check-in system to ensure your child’s safety and well-being. We believe this peace of mind will better help you to engage while at Kingsway. Once you have registered your child at our New Here station and are in our database, you will check-in your child each weekend at one of our check-in stations located in the Check-in area just inside our Main Entrance.

Each time you check-in your child, you will receive a Parent Tag. On this tag is a four-digit code that coincides with the numbers on your child's tag. These four digits are unique to each child and change weekly. Keep this tag handy because if for any reason you are needed during the worship service, that four-digit code on the Parent Tag will appear in the number display box in the worship center. It is a black box located just below each large video screen.

There are also other details located on the tag such as parent’s names, allergy information, or any other special needs the child may have.


In order to pick up your child, you must have the matching Parent tag that will be printed out at the check-in station. Each weekend a different 4-digit code will appear on your child’s tag. If for any reason you or your child misplace a matching tag, you will be asked to be the last parent to pick up your child. This is our best way of ensuring you are the adult that should be taking the child.

Are you interested in helping in the kids ministry?

There are always ways to serve and invest in the lives of our youngest! Visit the Volunteer Page for more details.  

Do you have questions about our kids ministry or what your child will experience? 

You can contact our kids team through email here

Summer Experience

Ready for Summer?!?

We cannot wait for this summer and ALL the fun planned for our kids & students. There is something for your kiddos, Kindergarten through graduating high school senior! Click the link below to see what the Summer Experience 2024 has in store for your family.


Small Talks with Kingsway Kids

Do you have a child in preschool? You're invited to our fun "me and you" event with songs, stories, games, and fun! The best part? We will gather on the second Wednesday of each month from 10:00 AM-11:30 AM to do it again! Invite friends and join in on the fun!



Stay Connected

Staying connected is important! We invite you to follow us on Instagram or even join our Kingsway Kids Facebook Group if your kids are a part of Kingsway Kids. We also suggest signing up for our monthly email update so that you know for sure you won't miss any updates. You can do this by emailing .