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Looking for more resources for your kid(s) or family? Try Right Now Media!

Right Now Media is an amazing resource for not only your children but you as well! They have HUNDREDS of videos that follow Bible lessons, share God's truths, and are encouraging for the whole family! Next time you are looking for something to keep the kiddos occupied, go to Right Now Media and have them watch anything from VeggieTales to a worship session with Shane and Shane! If you do not have an account yet, you can sign up for one through Kingsway. 


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We thought this section would give you a chance to learn a little about us and why we do what we do here at Kingsway. 

 Kingsway Kids University

This program is for 1st-4th graders at Kingsway to learn and grow in their faith. Every Tuesday from February 6 to March 5, kids will spend time exploring who God is and strengthening their personal relationship with Him.

Cost: $10
Food: a small snack will be provided during each class

Important Things to Know
* Please enter through Door 1 (main church entrance)
* These are drop-off classes. 

We will be offering two courses this semester. "For Such a Time as This" for girls and "Chasing God's Heart" for boys. Descriptions of each class are below:

For Such a Time As This:
Girls will journey through the book of Esther, learning as they go, of their worth and value in Jesus! Girls will participate in fun games, and meaningful discussions, and even receive a special gift at the end of each class. There will be weekly ‘Princess Lessons’ sent for families to review class, do a devotional assignment, and share a prayer. We look forward to what the Lord is going to teach these girls! Perhaps, these girls were born for such a time as this.

Chasing God's Heart:  In a world full of ‘influencers’ we are going to learn what it looks like to be influenced by the Spirit of God. So, strap in for a wild adventure as we explore the life of a boy named David! Boys will learn about David from the time he was a young shepherd, how he defeated a giant (spoiler alert, he didn’t, God did!), and how David was unafraid to show his true emotions! Each week your family will receive details on class, a devotional assignment, and a prayer guide. We look forward to the boys leaving with a better understanding of what it means to live, chasing God’s heart!




Online Resources

Books on Parenting

This great book lays out 14 truths about raising your family. Whether you are on parenting day 1 or parenting day 6,570 this book is a great read to add to your list.

Books to help kids grow in their faith

This simple picture book tackles hard truths, like why sin entered the world and how it separated us from God. But it also celebrates the wonderful work of Jesus on the cross! The book is accompanied by a coloring and activity book, designed for elementary ages.

This book is sure to catch your eye and bring the Bible to life in ways you have never seen before… your kids (especially visual learners!) will love flipping through and seeing all of the colorful pictures and graphics!

This beautiful book will move your heart to joy and praise… if you’re looking for a bedtime devotional to do with your kids, this is it!

This 4-volume set divides the books of the Bible into four categories and devotes one book to each category. The books are heavily abridged (think “The Message, but geared towards ages 8-12) and presented without headings or chapter/verse numbers, which makes them read much more like stories.

These workbooks (produced by the same organization that made She Reads Truth) address all the major themes of Romans using fun activities and journal pages to prompt your child’s engagement with scripture.

These workbooks (produced by the same organization that made She Reads Truth) address all the major themes of 1 & 2 Corinthians using fun activities and journal pages to prompt your child’s engagement with scripture.

This beautifully illustrated book goes from Genesis to Revelation, teaching children about the character of God by revealing the names that scripture gives to Him (The Word, Jealous God, Prince of Peace…). It even teaches the names in Hebrew & Greek (Logos, El Kanna, Jehova Shalom…) so that kids can begin to see and understand the original languages of scripture. Each of the 40 Bible studies in this book begins with a name and ends with a prayer, a Bible verse, and a next step.


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Want to learn how to be a "Gospel-Centered Parent"?

We know that all of you are leading your family in one way or another, so we want to equip you with a great resource. The Gospel-Centered Parent is a book designed to walk through 10 practical principles to grow your leadership. Join the Kids and Student Teams at Kingsway as they walk through this study. 

Enjoy these videos from our staff that builds on the principle taught in the corresponding chapter of The Gospel-Centered Parent. You can purchase the book here.


Watch the videos!

Special Needs

We are committed to walking hand in hand with children and youth with special needs and their families, connecting them with Christ and empowering them to be vital members of the Church.

This ministry is set up as an inclusion ministry – we want kids to experience our classrooms with a buddy assigned specifically to them, and we have other areas available that can be used when kids need time away during a service. We do require that you contact us, so we can make sure we have a buddy ready for your child.

For more information, contact our Kids Team


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