What's it like to be Rooted?

January 4, 2023 | Andy Lynch

It’s hard to put into words what it’s like to be a part of Rooted.

For eleven Wednesdays this past fall, 50-65 people would converge on Kingsway each week to learn truth, develop spiritual rhythms, and find community. For some, it meant finding something that they had been looking for, for a long, long time.

Before rooted, I didn’t have a church home,” Jonathan shared during one group. “Now I do.” His wife, MJ, was truthful: “I didn’t really want to be at Rooted. Someone else signed me up. Now I have a group of friends.

For others, it was just the right timing during a difficult stretch of life. On the closing night, there was an open mic time for folks to share with the 50 others who had journeyed through Rooted together.

When I started Rooted, I felt like I was in a spiritual rut,” Tracy shared. “We had just gone through a huge loss and this group has helped me get through that loss.”  A woman who had been at Kingsway for a year shared that the 11-week group had a similar impact on her. “These past 2 months at Rooted have been awesome. I’ve been so down spiritually and physically but my group was really awesome. I want [to] share with you the power of coming together. Rooted was the therapy place that I couldn’t afford at the time. They have been someone to share with and talk to. That community is so special. I’m really thankful for it.

Like anything in life, what you put into Rooted will directly affect what you get out of it.  But those that committed to being there most weeks, if not every week, benefited. 

I thought it would be something interesting to do during the week,” Kingsway member Nicole Ramey shared. “Rooted gave me faith in a way I had forgotten I had access to. It gave me the ability to find that again and to remember who I am and why I am.”

Bryan Taylor echoed, “The whole world is going crazy and I was getting down and depressed but Rooted reminded me He has always made a way. Just trust in Jesus.”

Two ladies were baptized by their Group Leader during Rooted and many bonds were formed that will continue, not just here at Kingsway, but into eternity. 

“It was great being a part of a group,” said Joshua Cox, who will be leading a group with his wife Becca in January. I was one of those people who wanted to do my Christian walk by myself. Boy was I wrong. We are meant to do life together. It’s allowed me to really grow. God gave me the gift to serve and help other people. I call it my Rooted family.

You can share in the Rooted family too! Signups are open for the next Rooted group, which will meet on Tuesdays from 6:30 pm - 8 pm starting on January 24. It costs $20 per person, but childcare is free. Sign up here.


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