Takota Youth Center

August 3, 2022

The Tokata Youth Center

Tokata means 'future' in the original Dakota language, and our partners at Diamond Willow Ministries are making a significant impact on the future today! In September of last year, they broke ground and began the construction of the new Tokata Youth Center. It was a rough winter for construction, but the walls are up, and the floor is down, paving the way to a brighter future for the youth at Crow Creek Sioux Reservation. Growing up on a reservation is not easy, but Diamond Willow hopes that this youth center will be an anchor of hope for the community, giving the kids a safe place to find community and grow closer to Jesus.

Kingsway has partnered with the Diamond Willow ministry since the day it was founded, and your support dollars are helping to make this dream a reality. If there is any question about how much this means to the children, check out this story below.

Dear Kingsway Christian Church Family,

This chart is currently in the tribal building that temporarily houses the Tokata Youth Center activities. It’s nothing fancy but every time I see it my heart races just a little.
(The youth) decorated a box and put it on the wall. Then, as they earned, or were given, a little extra cash - they began to fill it with change and crinkled bills. Their (original) goal - to give at least $100 toward the cost of building the new Tokata Youth Center facility (the very same one you’re helping to build - thank you!)
We did just this past week update the chart that the kids are doing in the Tokata Youth Center. I have attached a photo of it here. The kids have made for their giving for construction of THEIR Tokata Youth Center. The youth are taking much pride in being able to bring their change, and occasionally a few dollar bills, to do their part. They surpassed the $400.00 mark this week and are within $50.00 of the next goal they set several months back.

You are helping make the Tokata Youth Center a reality. You are helping bring hope to Diamond and her friends who currently benefit from the program. You are helping change the futures (earthly and eternal) of the children and families of the Crow Creek Sioux Reservation and beyond - THANK YOU!




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