See a need, meet a need

April 20, 2022 | Andy Lynch

The beginning of 2022 started rough for the Hoffer family.

On January 4th, Amy Hoffer, mother of 6, was admitted to the hospital with Covid Pneumonia. She would stay in the hospital for 2 ½ weeks. After her release, it was an uphill climb to get her well and clear of pneumonia. In all this, they have felt the Lord and His church come alongside them in prayer and in action. “We could not have gotten through this journey without the love and support of our Life Group, Men’s Group, and Kingsway Christian Church as a whole,” Kyle and Amy said. Their Group, led by the Fuhrmans and Wrays, set up meal trains, prayer chains, and offered transportation and babysitting for their children. Kyle said, “This took all the pressure off of myself and helped preserve a continued sense of normalcy at home. I was able to spend a lot of time at the hospital and care for my wife.”

Kyle recently has become more involved at Kingsway, serving on the Connect Team, and taking part in Trent Ross’ Wednesday night Men’s group. “My Men’s group prayed daily and sent encouraging words throughout the day. I also had members of Kingsway deliver gift cards, food, and prayers.”

The Hoffers got a chance to witness the church being the church. Some folks that would stop by they recognized, but many were just vaguely familiar. “Most of the members, I had no idea who they were,” Kyle said. “They were working through prayer to provide for our needs.
The encouragement of daily phone calls, texts, and Facebook messages was so phenomenal and helped in the process of Amy’s healing.”

Kingsway does its best to come alongside all of its members in a time of need. But there is something special that takes place when a connected family goes through trials. “During this situation, we were loved on, cared for, and prayed for throughout the entire process of getting Amy 100% healthy. We are so overwhelmed and encouraged by the love that was shown and given to our family in our time of need.”

Amy is nearly back to full health now and the Hoffers have their heads up and their eyes open, to see who they can help. It’s a beautiful picture of the way God’s bride, the church, is His hands and His feet.

When we see a need, we meet that need.


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