July 13, 2022 | Andy Lynch

Want to get Rooted?

Do you have big questions about God?  Maybe you feel silly for asking them, or perhaps you have asked many different people, but haven’t gotten a sufficient answer. 

Rooted is for you.

Or how about this scenario.  You walk into Kingsway Christian Church every Sunday at 9:04 am.  You don’t say hi to anyone, you sit in the back corner, and as Pastor Matt is praying to end the service, you are on your feet and out the door. 

Rooted is for you, too.

Let’s try one more.  Maybe you’ve been in church for years, decades even.  You know the difference between Joshua and Jehoshaphat.  But you aren’t connected to people that you can share your knowledge and wisdom with. 

You guessed it.  Rooted is for you as well.

 I have been in church my whole life.  I was presented with the choice of Heaven or Hell as a five-year-old and I made the “easy” choice (for my kindergarten brain) to live eternally with God.  I have been in Bible studies, small groups, and church services for my entire adult life.  When I volunteered to lead a Rooted Pilot Group this past winter, to see if this was a good thing to bring to our church, I didn’t expect to learn much.   

I got a big surprise.  It turns out what we say around Kingsway is true.  Grow Always.  Did I ever!  Rooted was a powerful mix of ease and discipline.  Sure, there were daily studies to do, but it was so natural and helpful.  I looked forward to that time with God, and also looked forward to gathering with my Rooted Group every Monday night at Travis and Shelby Baugh’s house.  It didn’t matter that my day was long (5 am wakeup, straight through to the end of our Rooted Group around 8:30 pm.)  It was worth it and, oftentimes, my favorite part of the week.

Rooted is an investment.  It is worth the time, the energy, and the sacrifice.  In fact, not only is it worth it, but it will help the other areas of your life.  You will learn rhythms like prayer, serving, and community, which I still see extending past the weekly get-togethers, now that our Rooted Pilot group has finished.  Travis Baugh, who was also part of the Rooted Pilot Group, and will help lead a group in the fall, said, “11 weeks feels like a good length.  We loved praying together at the end, sharing testimonies each week, and breaking into men's/women's groups for one night.”

Rooted is for you.  And for your kids.

That’s right.  We want to take away any barriers that we can for you, so we will provide free childcare for ages birth-4th grade.  If you have older ones, maybe they can help serve the younger kids. 

Elizabeth Prabhakar was also part of the Rooted Pilot group and serves on the Rooted Leadership team.  She loved the small group size and said “It was time well spent on the essentials (of the faith). It also was structured well so that we were able to finish on time and go home given the meetings were on a weekday.”

This is your chance to Connect.  This is your chance to Grow. 

 Come get Rooted with us Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm, starting August 17.  I promise you it will make a positive impact on your life, and the lives of those you interact with daily.

Sign up for Rooted here.  There is a $20 cost per person that covers the book and materials.  


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