February 9, 2022 | Andy Lynch

I love community!

If you know me at all, that statement does not come as a surprise. Sunday mornings are some of my favorite times because I get to interact with so many of you. You see me smiling, but it’s not because I have life all figured out and put together. It’s truly because you make me smile and I’m so encouraged by catching up with long-time friends and meeting new ones as well. I love community!

Over the past two years, I have grown in my love for community because of 41 different people.
I counted. Those are people I am in groups with. Men’s group, Accountability group, Life groups, a new pilot group that we may be rolling out for new believers in the fall called, “Rooted”.

That’s a lot of groups.
And I get it. It’s my job. I’m supposed to meet with people and lead groups and figure out how to give our church its best connections.

Here’s how I see it. I GET to.
Not I HAVE to. I GET to meet with all these people on a regular basis as a part of my job! What a great job! I get to see people take steps on their Growth Path as they become more like Jesus in their head (knowledge of God), heart (likeness of Jesus), and with their hands (actions prompted by the Spirit.)

So why am I telling you this? Great, now we know why Andy is happy! Why does it matter to you? Because I want you to have a taste of it. Of a deep joy that comes from being in community. I want you to know the joy of laughter with brothers early in the morning.

I want your kids to have other Christian adults in their lives, so they can see that their family isn’t weird and alone. Maybe they will get a glimpse of what it looks like to care for one another. They say that 80 percent of kids that were raised in a Christian home, will keep their faith in college if they have at least five other adults that know them and speak into their faith journey. We all have a voice to make a difference for youth!

As someone who has tried to grow spiritually on my own for a lot of my life, I can honestly say I have grown more in my three years at Kingsway than the 39 years prior because I have been growing in community. You make me better. We want to help you grow and become more like Jesus too. What’s your next step? Do any of these words make you say, “I want that?”

Then let’s talk.
Let’s get you connected!


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