June 18 - Daily Pause

June 18, 2020 | Kristy Martin

Read - Matthew 26: 20-30

Reflection: Few experiences feel more intimate than inviting friends or family into your home to share a meal. In these verses, we read about what we have come to call, “The Last Supper” and Jesus' explanation of what the bread and wine mean for us. While Christians everywhere repeat this act of Communion in reverence to the sacrifice He made for us, we should not overlook the intimacy between Jesus and his disciples that this passage portrays. They were not just sitting at a table to eat a meal, they were “reclining” indicating a level of comfort, trust, and closeness between them. Even as He explained that he knew “one who had dipped his hand into the bowl” would betray him, He still ate with them, offered up a promise that they would someday drink together in His Father’s kingdom and even sung a hymn. Now imagine Jesus sitting in your living room, relaxing with you and your family. He knows that in your life, undoubtedly, you too will fail him, betray him, deny him – but He loves you no less and wants a relationship with you! The closeness Jesus felt with each of His disciples is the same closeness he wants to experience with you! Whether you are celebrating or grieving, is being in the presence of Jesus what you want most in that moment? Imagine again Jesus in your home - relaxing, eating, singing with you. This is not just a picture of the intimacy he shared with his disciples; it is a picture of the relationship he desires with you!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank you for giving us the gift of your son and the sacrifice you made for the forgiveness of my sins. Please instill in me a desire to live in closeness with Jesus and to make him the center of my life. Help develop in me a longing to praise you in both the good times and the bad and to make developing a real relationship with you a priority in my life. In Jesus name, Amen