July 10 - Daily Pause

July 10, 2020 | Holly Martin

READ: Matthew 5: 27-30

REFLECTION: I had always wondered as a kid how Jesus could have walked this earth as a human for 30 plus years and never sinned even once. As a teenager, I remember hearing Tony Campolo suggest that to Christ sinning would be like an adult knowingly putting their hand on a hot stove. So clear was the destructive, painful, scaring effect of sin that He simply could not consider it.  How often do we, do I, decide that some sins are not that big of a deal. How fitting that Jesus would go so far as to give a specific example without a loophole in this passage. While He was specifically addressing the men at the beginning of this passage, I always feel so convicted by the last two verses where he makes sure we all take the time to examine what needs to be “cut out” of our lives.

PRAYER: Oh Lord, thank you, that you love us enough to be painfully honest about the things that are destructive in our lives. Thank you for the Holy Spirit that can help us see what grieves your heart. Help us to have the courage to obey you today in whatever way you would lead us. Thank you that you have already covered all of our sin with the work of Christ Jesus on our behalf on that brutal, beautiful cross. Amen.