The Global Fight for Our Youth

May 29, 2022 | Kyle Krober

The last statistical report I read stated that if we do not win a child to Jesus by age 9,

there is only a 5% chance that they will ever accept Jesus. As with many statistics, there is always some margin. However, I would say that that number is not far off from reality. This should motivate all of us to invest in children’s ministries and pour into the youth within our sphere of influence. Our global partners sense this too and are acting.

In Egypt, they have introduced Vacation Bible School (V.B.S) to thousands of children. Through V.B.S., food distributions are making connections with families. Those connections lead to relationships that are then turning the hearts of families to Jesus. Churches are also being established in homes throughout Egypt. The younger generation is being reached within their sphere of influence.

In Peru, hundreds of children have come through the doors of New Hope, receiving hope, love, and healing in Jesus’ name. They are fighting back darkness by offering families for the fatherless and a loving environment for the abused and neglected. What Satan tries to destroy in a child’s life through the sins of those entrusted to care for them, God is redeeming.

In South Dakota, Diamond Willow Ministries reaches out very intentionally to the youth on the reservation, knowing that through the hearts of children, generational change is possible; substance abuse can be a thing of the past; domestic violence can be replaced by loving relationships grounded in Jesus; generational and cultural patterns of sin can be broken in Jesus’ name.

Question: Where are you impacting the younger generation for Jesus? If you have kids, it of course starts in the home. Pray for opportunities to engage with the youth of our world. More specifically, the youth in your world. Then be prepared to step into where God leads.