Satisfied | The Mid Week Challenge (week 5)

December 9, 2020

"God wants to unleash through you a blessing into the lives of other people, but it's going to take you letting go of the fear." - great message from Pastor Matt in this Mid-Week Challenge.

What would it look like for you to take that step of faith and give just one percent more? Start with just one month of increased giving. As you finish that month, ask yourself is the new level sustainable? You might be surprised that it is and how important generosity is in your quest to find contentment.

Although the war of trust and fear doesn't really end, as Jeff Manion reminds us in the book - it just takes on new and different forms and will be an ongoing battle. However, we can find hope in the truth that God is always with us. When we give, when we are generous - we are reflecting our Creator! 

These lessons we will have to come back to again and again on our journey to find Contentment in this world of consumption.


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