July 11, 2023 | Leah Lynch

“God showed up everywhere! His presence was the most impactful thing!” 

Janie Forsythe was one in our group of five who recently returned from a global outreach trip to Northern Ireland. She went on to say, “He was there throughout the whole week.” There were ways that we saw God show up with our team and there were ways that we saw God show up in the people of Northern Ireland. It was a trip marked by a display of God’s work and the presence of the Holy Spirit.

A quick scan of Irish history shows that the island has a rich spiritual heritage. It also shows that there has been significant turmoil and division between the people and the two countries. It’s a division that the people can still feel and experience. But, in the middle of that struggle, Jesus is working, and people are encountering Him for who is He, rather than what religion says of Him.

For three days of our trip, our team had the opportunity to be a part of the Nua Festival, a large gathering of believers from areas all over the island. There was representation from churches in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Over the course of the weekend, we witnessed 2,000 people come together, in unity, from various churches in multiple parts of the island, all in pursuit of seeing the name of Jesus lifted and the Holy Spirit work. His presence and movement were palpable and undeniable. It’s hard to convey in words the significance of this type of gathering, but as Heather Boise shared, “it [is] amazing to see what God is doing in Northern Ireland and I can’t wait to see what He’ll continue to do. God is so good!”

Being a part of a global outreach trip provides an opportunity for Jesus to work in ways we don’t expect. Jess Cervantes shared, “I was impacted by how God showed up for me, how the Irish people worshipped and didn’t care what others thought, and by the rain.” She went on to say, “Now, every time it rains, I see how He’s just pouring down on me and covering me in Jesus’ blood.”

Suzie Heard shared, “Global outreach trips allow you to experience other cultures and see how God is working in that culture. It allows you to view the world, God, and faith from a different perspective.”

Heather went on to share, “It's hard to figure out how to put this into words, as words and pictures don't do it justice. I saw what it looks like to live a life open to the Holy Spirit coming and working, no matter what it looks like. I saw what it looks like to 'live with abandon'. I came away with a new passion for what God is doing and can do. I have a sense of peace, shalom that God's got me and whatever lies ahead.”

Saying yes to Jesus when He leads you to go on a trip can be a scary thing but, I promise, saying yes to His leading is always worth it! A global outreach trip is an opportunity to step out of your own circle and experience the work of Jesus and the presence of the Holy Spirit in the body of Christ at large. It provides an opportunity to see that the expanse of God's work and His love is so much more than what we can wrap our minds around.

While our trip may have only been 10 days, I have no doubt that the experiences and the encounters with Jesus will result in a ripple effect that carries the impact far beyond the confines of the trip itself. If you sense God may be leading you to say yes to a trip, you can reach out to our team, , or visit our website for upcoming trips. Be willing to say yes and watch what Jesus can do!


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