Kingsway News Q&A Videos

September 16, 2019

Our leaders have had the opportunity to host several Townhall Meetings from the end of August through September this year. Many members of our congregation and even those with an interest in Kingsway Christian School attended and were able to not only hear our heart for the church but also asked some great questions. Due to time constraints, some of these questions were not able to be addressed during the meeting. However, our Executive Team made up of Pastor Matt Nickoson, Brett Cadwell, and Ben Bullard spent some time answering these questions in the videos you'll see below. There are five, broken out by topic and to allow for a more manageable video length. 

Kingsway Christian Church & Kingsway Christian School: 

Avon Campus:

Plainfield Campus: 


General Church News:

We hope these videos help answer your questions and address any concerns you might have. However, if you still want to talk through something, you are invited to send us an email here. 


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