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Kids Ministry Safety & Security

November 9, 2017


Our entire Kingsway Staff was heartbroken over the news of the church shooting in Texas last Sunday.  We are reminded again that this world is broken and that our only hope lies in Christ and His promise of eternal life where sadness will cease to exist.  

We are aware that many of you may have questions about the safety and security measures that are taken in Kingsway Kids.  We prioritize safety and security and are constantly evaluating our current policies and procedures to maintain a safe environment.

  • Every classroom has visible evacuation and emergency plans specific to the room's location in the building and the age group it serves.
  • Every classroom has radios that will alert volunteers to any emergency we may experience.
  • Volunteers are trained on lock-down and emergency procedures during their initial orientation and are given refresher updates periodically.
  • Every child receives a printed security tag that ensures they are picked up by the correct individual with the matching tag.  
  • Beginning last Sunday, every child is also signed in before entering a classroom, which gives us an accurate attendance record.
  • We have a volunteer security team in place during the service.  This team roams the building, monitors entrances, and keeps appropriate doors locked.  (This team is looking for more members.  If you are interested, contact us at and we will connect you to the appropriate staff member for more information.)
  • An armed and uniformed police officer is present on Sunday mornings and roams the building, including the kids areas.  
  • The Kingsway Kids Staff is proactive in seeking professional safety consultations.  Last month we met with a Marion County Sheriff to do a building walkthrough and safety consultation with very positive results and feedback.                           

Looking forward, our plans for Project: New Day include a dramatically updated security barrier which will allow us to lock down our entire children's ministry area during the service.

Finally, we will not bring up the recent shooting with the kids this Sunday.  Not only do we not want to create a spirit of fear among the children, but we also want to respect your right as parents to decide what information to share with them.

Thank you for entrusting your children to us each Sunday morning.  We see it as a privilege and are committed to their safety and security.

- The Kid's Team