I AM enough

March 28, 2024 | Leah Lynch

Jesus is Enough 

Every person in their lifetime wonders if they are enough. At some point, we realize we aren’t. There is something more to life and we start searching for our place in it. As we search, we long to discover meaning and significance.

Humanity and the world around us lead us to find significance in things or other people. We learn to depend on our skillsets or gifts to show us we are enough. We measure our significance against the backdrop of other people’s achievements and approval. The truth is, no matter how fulfilled we feel in the moment by what we’ve accomplished or by the things we have attained, it never lasts. Before long, we are on the hunt again, clamoring for the next best thing to give us meaning and significance. It’s a cycle, but a cycle that can be broken.

We will never be enough without Jesus. But Jesus? HE is enough.

Jesus is enough. That’s not necessarily an easy statement to handle. When you read it, what is your first impression? Are you enthusiastically saying, “yes!” because you’ve experienced it and know it to be true? Maybe you haven’t experienced it yet, but you want to. Are you bought in and ready to make a mindset shift? Maybe it feels too impossible. Are you questioning how He can be enough, looking at your hurts as obstacles to his “enough-ness”? No matter where you land, the truth is, He is enough because he is the Son of God.

In just a few short days we will celebrate Jesus’ ultimate display of love and power over all that the enemy tries to throw at us. We will celebrate who Jesus is and all that He did for us. We no longer have to question who we are, whether we are enough, or where we find our purpose. The answer is found in Jesus. Join us on Saturday at 4:00 p.m. or Sunday at 9:00 or 11:00 a.m. for Easter with Kingsway. Kids programming will be available at each service for birth through 4th grade.

But it doesn’t stop with Easter! We are inviting you to join us over the next five weeks as we journey through Jesus’ own words about who He says He is. Starting the day after Easter, in the Kingsway app, you will be able to access daily devotions that will follow along with our sermon series. Paper copies will also be available Easter weekend. Each devotion includes thoughts and questions designed to get you thinking. We are encouraging you be open and receptive to the idea that Jesus is enough and trust that you have all you need in Him. He will be enough if you trust Him, and we hope you do!


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