For the Bible Tells Me So

July 24, 2021

Jesus loves me, this I know for the Bible tells me so. 

On Sunday, July 25 we are blessed to hear from Brett Seybold, as he shares with us his understanding of apologetics, the defense of the Bible, and its contents. Apologetics sounds like an odd word to some, perhaps having something to do with apologies. However, it actually is the intellectual defense of the Christian religion. 

Throughout this series, This I Know, we continue to break down the song, Jesus loves me this I know to help us grow in our confidence and knowledge of what is written in the books of the Bible. Brett Seybold has spent much of his time interviewing and studying the defense of the Bible, specifically the New Testament. He has shared his presentation with us to view and follow with his teaching. In addition, there are two documents that might be helpful as you dive into this yourself. 

As you begin this journey to better understand your faith, here are two questions to think about specifically regarding the New Testament:

  1. How did these 27 books make it into the New Testament?
  2. What is the earliest information we have about Jesus?


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