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January 4, 2015

Never Alone

Mark 1:1-13.  “Never Alone”. In this sermon we’ll look at the Trinity.  Here in the Trinity, we see the relationship of love that existed before time began, and how it was that relationship that God has always experienced and always intended for us to experience.  We see it all around us in marriage, in the church, in our friendships.  Yet, it constantly escapes us because sin has so dramatically ruined the picture.  This section concludes with Jesus triumphing in the desert over Satan, and at each step he is lead by the Holy Spirit to do what would honor God the father.  Every temptation to become self-centered, self-promoting, or self-fulfilling is crushed through the power of the Holy Spirit for the glory of the father.  Challenge: How will you pursue Godly love in 2015?  What changes to your life, schedule, priorities, etc. need to come to make it happen?  

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