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Summer Mixtape

Mixtape: A compilation of favorite pieces of music, which vary in song style and artist.  


When building a mixtape, we typically have a purpose behind it.  Whether for a road trip, a season of the year, to share our favorites music with others, or to recover from a recent heartbreak.  The music on our mixtape sets the direction of our attitude and feelings. Our worship is like building a mixtape for the soul. 


In this series, we will look deeper into the how and why of using music to worship God. Worship through music and song is both a celebration of God and a proclamation of Him to others. As our love for God grows, so will our worship. So breakout the cutoff jean jackets and pleather pants, and let’s record a new summer mixtape!

Sundays at 9:00 AM | 11:00 AM | ONLINE

Kingsway Christian Church
7981 E County Road 100 N | Avon, Indiana 46123