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Living In HD

When Jesus interacts with men and women on the pages of the Gospels, he opens people’s eyes. On occasions, he does this literally. He gives sight to the blind. Other times, this happens figuratively. People come into contact with the Savior and walk away understanding God’s will with HD clarity. Others, well, they choose not to see; they stay tied to their comfortable analog perspective, refusing to see the bigger picture Jesus presents to them. 

Jesus opens people’s eyes to God and his HD plans for his people.

During the Living in HD series, we will search the pages of the Gospels to more clearly see Jesus’ desire to help us live with the HD perspective he provides.

As he opens our eyes, as he helps us to see clearly, we discover a life that exceeds our analog aspirations. What might Jesus do in and through you if you upgraded? Join us and, together, we'll see!

Sunday Worship at 9:00 AM | 11:00 AM | Online

Kingsway Christian Church
7981 E County Road 100 N | Avon, Indiana 46123