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The CORE Series is an ongoing opportunity to discover what it means to follow Jesus, to hear about Kingsway’s Beliefs and Values, and to see the Actions we take to become more like Christ.

The CORE Series takes place on the 1st - 3rd Sunday of every month at 11:00 AM in room A101. Each of the 3 classes in the series is offered once a month. You can start any time, take them in any order, and complete them as you are able.

As Christians, we are guided by the Bible in becoming more like Christ. As we desire unity at Kingsway, there are some beliefs that we view as foundational and essential to being fully invested in this local church. This session walks through those essential beliefs.

Celebration. Community. Compassion. Our core values are our defining qualities and we are not shy about them. They describe what we want to look like as a church and as the individuals who form it. This session covers why we value these things and how those values are expressed in our church and in our lives.

At Kingsway, we don’t want to just say that we follow Jesus. We want to put it into action. In this session, we’ll show you the actions we hope to see everyone take to help them grow to become more like Christ.