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July 31 Daily Pause

July 31, 2020 | Luke Kegeris

READ: Matthew 7:24-29

REFLECTION: It’s so easy to get into the motions of reading scripture as if it’s just another book. Unfortunately, we as Christians do this with a lot of things as it relates to God’s Word. We tend to skim passages and continually rationalize with ourselves because “we read the Bible”. Do we though? Are we really diving deep into God’s word and building a firm foundation on solid rock? 

It’s important to note that Jesus is speaking in these few verses (your text is probably red to indicate this). This message he is communicating is not just for carpenters or bricklayers who build houses for a living. No, it’s for all men, women, and children who desire to know God on a deeper level. Jesus LOVES to use parables and analogies when he teaches, and this is one of those moments. We aren’t actually being told to build a house and do so on firm, strong soil. We are told to learn from a foolish man who does not build a house on solid rock but on sand. What happens? The house is torn apart and ruined. Jesus is calling us to build our lives, our spiritual lives, on a firm foundation, as a wise man would do to with a house. 

If you’re anything like me and super into music, you probably are singing the melody of “Build My Life” by Passion right now. We live in a secular world, full of division and fear. That is the result of sin, and an eternity of sin is the result of not taking our spiritual life seriously. So, I challenge you, in the midst of a global pandemic, school starting, going back to work, or whatever it is that is causing you to stumble - look to God. Lean into His word, His unending love for you, and build a firm foundation in the hope of Jesus Christ. 

PRAYER: Dear Lord, I pray that during this unsettling time in our life, we will see you like they never have before. I pray that in moments of fear, when the storms that life brings are beating us down, that we will lean into you, and build our house on a firm foundation. We love you, Amen