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July 30 Daily Pause

July 30, 2020 | Kevin Wray

READ: Matthew 7:21-23

REFLECTION: Jesus warns us here to check ourselves. We can't just talk a good game, put on a "holy" face, and pretend to be righteous. Jesus says "many will say." Not one or two people, but many people, will prophesy, exercise demons and perform miracles in the name of the Lord. Think about that. We're talking about people who exercise extraordinary powers in the name of the one true God, in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,  and he will say to them, "Go Away, for I never knew you." Wow.....That is a sobering thought... God doesn't want a show though... He doesn't care what good word you have, or what healing power you possess or how many miracles you have under your belt if you haven't surrendered to him your heart. That is what matters. That is what all the suffering was for, leading up to and culminating in the crucifixion of Christ. It was for our hearts. Not for our good deeds and public image to be shiny that we may boast, or be revered but that we may worship our king by dying to our flesh and giving him control of all that we are. Worshiping him with every action, every thought, every secret part of our lives.

PRAYER: Oh God, we sing a song that says that there is no shadow that you won't light up coming after us. You are such a wonderful and loving father. We thank you for refining us and that your patience in Christ's return allows for more people to come to know you. Father light up the darkness. And let hearts be made right with you. Rectify all motives that in our hearts and on our lips are only honor and glory and power given to you Lord. That on the day of judgment we may hear "Well done, welcome home." Amen.