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July 27 Daily Pause

July 27, 2020 | R.V. Peter

READ: Matthew 7:7-12


Reflection: How often are we afraid to ask for something? How many times is it a struggle to seek out something? How frightening can it be to stand at the door and knock? We have all been there before and we still end up there from time to time. We get caught in a place where we struggle to overcome. The beauty in these simple words and actions though, is that if we just do them they will be rewarded. If what we are asking for is out of a righteous heart, if it honors God and others, if it is good, then our faithful Father will be good to us and answer our ask, our seek, and out knock. 


Today what are you asking for? What are you seeking out? What door are you knocking on and hoping for an answer? Are you willing to lay down that thing and allow God to give you the most beautiful answer/gift? Are you willing to know that his ways are better and the response we get might not be what we pictured but it might be exactly what we need? Today spend a little bit of time making sure your heart is in the right place then make that ask of God and allow him to show up and be God. 


PRAYER: Papa, today we pray that you search our hearts, that you remove that which needs to be removed and refine us in the flame just as is done to silver and gold. Today Father, we come to you and ask in righteousness, we seek in humbleness, and we knock in faith, we overcome that which has attempted to hold us back. Father. we will wait in patience for your response and we thank you for all that you have done, that you are doing, and that which will be done. We lift this to you in the mighty name of your Son Jesus, Amen.