July 15 Daily Pause

July 15, 2020 | Kyle Krober

READ: Matthew 5:38-42

REFLECTION: Not long ago a couple I know was wronged and lied to by a guy they had hired to do some landscaping work. Money was paid but work wasn't done. Difficulties ensued and it became a complete mess. The natural reaction of the "world" would be to go after this guy for all he had and to be sure everyone knew to stay clear of hiring him. But that's not what this couple did. They went the extra mile and actually showed up at this man's house to see if he was okay and needed anything. That's insane! Exactly! We are not to respond as the world responds.  This couple considered his heart behind the deceitful actions. Jesus calls us to love and not enact our own justice. Take a second to think of someone you need to love even in the face of being wronged. Write their name(s) down and something you can tangibly do to demonstrate the love of Jesus to them.                

PRAYER: God, thank you that you are patient and loving towards me even when I don't deserve it. Help me to live out that kind of love into the lives of others, especially those who have wronged me. Give me a compassionate and forgiving heart.  Amen.