It can be hard to navigate hard topics, especially ones that might conflict with what culture tells us. In our series, Asking For A Friend, we will spend five weeks answering some tough questions on a Sunday morning. However, we recognize that is not enough time to answer everything that may come up with any given topic. So, we have created this page to help equip you with additional resources as you seek out those answers. As we move through the weeks, additional resources will be shared below so visit often! 

*A Step Further is our weekly podcast with new episodes available Tuesdays that dive a little deeper than Sunday morning, taking us a step further into the series topic. 


We will be hosting a free seminar with Dr. Christopher Yuan on Sunday, November 14 at 1:30 PM in the Worship Center. For full details, please read them here.


** Please note these resources have been chosen because we found them to be helpful in understanding the real-life stories and issues surrounding Trans, Gender Dysphoria, and Intersex issues. Sharing them is not our way of agreeing with every comment, thought, or idea shared within them.