• Matt Nickoson, Lead Pastor email
  • Joe Williams, Chairman email
  • Dave Margolius, Vice Chairman 
  • Jason Flint 
  • Jeffrey Warther email


  • Matt Nickoson, Lead Pastor email 
  • Ben Bullard, Director of Operations email 
  • Brett Cadwell, Director of Ministries
  • Rachel Fuhrman, Executive Assistant (Lead Pastor & Executive Director) email
  • Shelby Taylor, Executive Coordinator (Director of Ministries) email


Kyle Krober, Avon Campus Pastor email

  • Megan Haltom, Campus Experience Lead email

  • Andy Lynch, Connections Minister email
  • Joe Mally, Kids Pastor email
  • Amy Brown, Early Childhood Lead email
  • Holly Martin, Elementary Lead email
  • Jessica Allen, Volunteer Coordinator email
  • Leah Lynch, Resource Coordinator email
  • Kyle Krober, Avon Campus Pastor, interim Missions Pastor email 
  • John Noel, Care Minister email
  • Alyssa Mishler, Missions Intern 
  • Darrin Simpson, Student Pastor email
  • Jess Holiday, Student Minister email
  • Jessica Allen, Volunteer Coordinator email
  • Leah Lynch, Resource Coordinator email
  • Amos Shroll, Worship Minister email
  • Kevin Tucker, Worship Minister (Production) email 
  • Daniel Martin, Production Specialist (Audio) email


  • Lauren Schiesser, Human Resources Manager email
  • Michelle Sieben, Human Resources Coordinator
  • Stephanie Scotten, Accounting Supervisor email
  • Linda Glaser, Accounting Specialist (AP & Payroll) email
  • Kristy Bumgardner, Accounting Specialist (Contributions) email
  •  Communications Manager email
  • Derik Hughes, Video Producer email 
  • Kevin Wray, Facilities Supervisor email
  • RV Peter, Facilities Staff email
  • Craig Olsen, Facilities Care Specialist email
  • Ben Biddle, Technology Manager email


  • Lindsay Rode, Operations Associate email
  • Shirley Woolard, Operations Assistant email
  • Jen Scheib, Database Specialist email
  • Christina Ward, Project Lead email