Executive Team

Matt Nickoson, Lead Pastor

Matt Nickoson

Lead Pastor

married my best friend. boy-dad. root beer aficionado. day-hiker. buckeye fan. mountains over beaches. teacher.
Ben Bullard, Executive Director

Ben Bullard

Executive Director

redeemed. rugged. resourceful. tenacious. curious. family man.
Brett Cadwell, Executive Pastor

Brett Cadwell

Executive Pastor

husband. dad of four. country livin' - front porch sittin'. aspiring fisherman. travel is my jam. irish fanatic.


Matt Nickoson, Lead Pastor

Matt Nickoson

Lead Pastor

married my best friend. boy-dad. root beer aficionado. day-hiker. buckeye fan. mountains over beaches. teacher.
Jeffrey Warther, Elder Chairman

Jeffrey Warther

Elder Chairman

husband. father of two. car nut. like things that go fast. played soccer for 30 years.
Patrick  Sturgeon , Elder

Patrick Sturgeon


father of 4. grandfather of 3. clinical quality analyst. music lover. child of god.
Steve  Tatom, Elder

Steve Tatom


husband. dad of a nurse. hiker. phone man. recylcer. coin collector.
Bobby Williams, Elder

Bobby Williams


doting husband. loving father. carpenter, like my savior. lifelong learner and teacher. mountain dew is nectar from god.
Shawn Alspaugh, Elder

Shawn Alspaugh


husband. studied math at bible college. basketball & golf coach. board game aficionado. water skier. father of 3
Travis Popp, Elder

Travis Popp


husband. avid reader. girl dad. d&d lover. coffee drinker.
Oggy Brewer, Elder

Oggy Brewer


you scream - i love ice cream!, ask god to 'steal my show' daily. love to shoot the 3 ball. max out-pay out life. lead the brew crew with beth. i scream
Brian Gossett, Elder

Brian Gossett


proud father. big hugger. golfer lover. iraq veteran. notorious loud laugher. black coffee sipper. dad bod beach-goer. 
Joe Williams, Elder

Joe Williams


husband. dad of 4 daughters. business leader. engineer. wannabe farmer. outdoorsman.

Ministry Teams

Joe  Mally, Kids Pastor

Joe Mally

Kids Pastor

husband. southpaw. bearded. coffee connoisseur. food explorer. thirsts for knowledge.
Holly Martin, Kids Associate

Holly Martin

Kids Associate

will sing or dance anytime. wife of sound guy. mama to 4 awesome teens. amateur gardener. gift of gab.
Becca Cox, Kids Associate

Becca Cox

Kids Associate

plant mom. pun enthusiast. ukulele strummer. singer-song writer. croc connoisseur. always down for a laugh!
Jill Blume, Kids Team Coordinator

Jill Blume

Kids Team Coordinator

jesus follower. wife and mom. party planning expert. hgtv enthusiast. coffee addict. 
Darrin  Simpson, Student Pastor

Darrin Simpson

Student Pastor

sings everything. middle name is fun. foster dad. car nut. everyone is a friend. rocket league gamer.
Christian Crampton, Student Minister

Christian Crampton

Student Minister

husband. dad. coffee addict. below average gamer. sports lover. sneaker head. foodie. once pet a bear.
Leah Lynch, Student Coordinator

Leah Lynch

Student Coordinator

wife & momma. love to write. baking aficionado. heart for adoption. hidden talent: handstands.
Andy Lynch, Connections Pastor

Andy Lynch

Connections Pastor

real men wear orange. recovering sports fan. good listener. free food is my food. leah's husband.
Kyle Krober, Outreach Pastor

Kyle Krober

Outreach Pastor

outdoorsy things rule. above average husband. carl's coffee. taco bell. prankster. former stay-at-home dad.
Lindon Faull, Care Minister

Lindon Faull

Care Minister

husband. pawpaw. retired hoopster. sports junkie. avid reader. prayer walker. law & order hoarder.
Rachel Fuhrman, Care Coordinator | Executive Assistant

Rachel Fuhrman

Care Coordinator | Executive Assistant

wife. mom. daughter. red heads unite. sing everything. one food group = chocolate & peanut butter. neat/tidy.
Nate Mishler, Leadership Development Minister | Executive Project Manager

Nate Mishler

Leadership Development Minister | Executive Project Manager

husband. father. retired plumber. dad joke lover. llama collector. baseball fanatic. meat smoking enthusiast.

Experience Teams

Chelsea Olson, Worship Minister

Chelsea Olson

Worship Minister

wifey. dog momma. star wars and marvel fanatic. avid movie-goer. adventurer. nonstop singer.
Daniel Martin, Production Specialist

Daniel Martin

Production Specialist

wacky dad. married up. coffee maniac. undercover nerd. tech junkie. nap level jedi status. team player.
Robert Helmholz, Production Manager

Robert Helmholz

Production Manager

Emilee  Mally, Campus Host

Emilee Mally

Campus Host

michigander. wife. all things baking. cozy blankets all summer. birthday freebie enthusiast. new over known.
Debbie St Martin, Campus Host

Debbie St Martin

Campus Host

Brooke Gentzel , Communications Manager

Brooke Gentzel

Communications Manager

wifey. boy-mom. chick-fil-a addict. tell your dog i said hi. dad joke connoisseur. walking imdb.
Luke Kegeris, Digital Media Associate

Luke Kegeris

Digital Media Associate

pianist. photographer. story teller. coffee addict. loud.
Danielle Smalley, Director of Experience

Danielle Smalley

Director of Experience

wife. busy mom. dark chocolate fan. crochet-er. smiling is my favorite. navy veteran.

Operations Teams

Lauren Schiesser, Human Resources Director

Lauren Schiesser

Human Resources Director

love my family. enneagram guru. water-coffee (repeat). just one more plant. love being outside. hiking.
Michelle Sieben, Human Resources Coordinator | Executive Assistant

Michelle Sieben

Human Resources Coordinator | Executive Assistant

wife. busy mama. world class assistant. lover of chocolate. my fam is my jam. chapstick addict.
Lindsay Rode, Operations Director

Lindsay Rode

Operations Director

dedicated. lover of all things pink. wife. mother. sometimes sassy. former farm girl. pumpkin spice everything.
Kevin Wray, Facilities Supervisor

Kevin Wray

Facilities Supervisor

mechanic. music man. facilitator. motorcycle enthusiast. dad. husband. child of love.
Andy Cala, Facilities Coordinator

Andy Cala

Facilities Coordinator

father to two girls. husband. child of god. woodworker. board game enthusiast. wrote 10 novels.
Jennifer Scheib, Systems Analyst

Jennifer Scheib

Systems Analyst

wife. mom. helper. favorite footwear - muck boots. conifer collector. diyer. master gardener goals.
Rich Rice, Facilties Specialist

Rich Rice

Facilties Specialist

Jennifer Muller, Finance Coordinator

Jennifer Muller

Finance Coordinator

married my soulmate. proud mom of 3 adulting kids. adorable puppy owner. euchre enthusiast. follower of jesus.