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By the end of 2025, to become more like Jesus, we will...

Thrive Spiritually

Growing spiritually will be in our DNA.  We will prioritize personal spiritual growth and create resources that help guide along the way.  Of those actively engaged, over 70% will be connected together in a group and 50% will be serving on a monthly basis.  We will increase generosity 5% annually and reduce debt 75% over the five years so that we can continue to give away over 10% to Outreach each year.  We will intentionally reach 11,000 first-time guests who visit live or online. We will all take our next step in our journey as we strive to become more like Jesus.

Multiply Our Impact

We will intentionally multiply to impact Kingsway and the Kingdom.  3,000 people weekly will engage through our live and online gatherings.  We will create easy onramps and remove barriers for new people to find their purpose in Jesus. We will plant or launch a new church to continue to reach those who are disconnected from God.  We will look for creative ways to partner with five local churches.

Grow Leaders

We will be known as a place where leaders are developed.  Over 250 leaders will be aligned for impact through training, ministry opportunities, residencies, and internships. We will be released to go lead groups, run businesses and drive organizations to bring the hope of Jesus into our everyday lives. We will help identify each other's unique wiring and spiritual gifts to impact our church, workplace, and community.

Love Our Neighbors

We will extend the hope and love of Jesus to our community.  Individually, we will expand our circles to invest in our neighbor's lives, serving and encouraging them in their journey.  Together, we will commit to giving ourselves away so that others can join in the pursuit of Jesus.  We will impact every neighborhood in Hendricks county, starting with knowing our neighbors by name.  Half of our Outreach dollars will be used to best support the needs of our community.  We will do this through funding and serving alongside our local partners to support families and bring healing and wholeness to our city.