God is Faithful

January 26, 2022 | Kyle Krober

God is faithful.

God is at work in India.

God is allowing us to partner with Him. 

These were the top lines of a recent letter I received from our global partner, Reach India. Initially, I read through them quickly, like the first line or two of an email before getting to the heart of the matter. But then I went back and sat on those lines for a while. Yes, God IS faithful! Absolutely, God IS at work in India. And thankfully, God allows us to partner with Him in what he’s doing in the world.

The meat of the letter only solidified those three truths. I was so encouraged by this story of God’s faithfulness that I decided to share it with you.

As told by Bobby John, Director of Reach India -

It was the first day of November, and the rain had not ceased for nearly a week. The monsoon season had come again, flooding streets with a deluge of water, and the city of Nellore was on day 5 of nonstop rain. Those with jobs went about their work as best they could, while a team of builders waited for the rain to stop. They had been hired to pour cement on the rooftop of a widow’s new home, but the task seemed impossible now. The rain would ruin the cement. They would have to come back another day.

But the ones who had hired them (our Care India team) were insistent: the roof would go on today. The hired builders agreed to wait around until 1:30 pm, and no later, to see if the rain would stop.

Bobby John was 100 miles away in Chennai when he saw the sun peek its nose out from behind the clouds. As the rain receded all around him, he called his Care India team at the worksite: “Don’t let them leave! The rain is stopping. God is answering our prayers!” It was 1:15 pm.

The hired builders in Nellore watched as the rain became a gentle murmur. Then, a light pitter-patter. Then, for the first time in days...nothing. 

Our Care India team sent up praises of thanksgiving to the God that had answered their prayers once again, and the builders set to work, pouring cement and marveling at the miraculous timing of it all. Not a drop of rain fell onto their shoulders until the work was finished.

As I sit back and reflect on this story, I’m both challenged and encouraged. I’m challenged to passionately pursue Jesus with more of who I am. I’m also so encouraged that God is faithful to those who seek him, even in our often broken, sinful, anxious, fearful condition.

God is faithful!

God is at work!

God is allowing us to partner with Him!


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