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“There is a wide-open door for a great work here…” I Corinthians 16:9


There are approximately 5000 homes within a concentrated area of West Plainfield. We know there are hundreds of families in this area that are lost or unchurched looking for community, meaning, and hope.

If these families do not hear about the saving message of Christ, then they will be lost for eternity. Jesus gave His life for us to have salvation and that sacrifice demands us, as His followers, to boldly reach out to our community and world so they too can experience His love, grace, and mercy.

In the past, we have had discussions to place a church in this general vicinity. Up until now, there has been no real door for us to come in and make a difference. That has changed. There is now land availability, emerging growth opportunities, and planned revitalization for downtown Plainfield. It is not only the right decision but the right time.

The history and eternity of hundreds of families will be altered as our people launch out with care and love to this community and those new families will then join us in advancing that same saving message of Christ to their neighbors. People will come to know Jesus and join us on God’s mission to reach our community and world.

Because this is God’s plan, not ours. Hundreds of people have joined in prayer over the last 90 days to hear God’s voice and we have heard His direction and choose to obey. God has used the multi-site model, with great success, all around the world, for example, our mission’s partner Care India has used this strategy for 15 years and has produced over 100 multi-sites. We are the “Care India” of Hendricks County as we use a strategy, directly from the New Testament, to advance the Gospel.

God has led us to West Plainfield and when we hear and obey God’s voice - it never fails, and when we follow Him, He provides. The corporate world understands that West Plainfield is an underserved market and sees the value of being there, the Town of Plainfield is investing hundreds of millions of dollars in its communities because they see a growing future. Kingsway sees what they see and now we take the same step they have taken to reach these families, but our motive is for them to know Jesus.

Because God, in His wisdom, decades ago, planted and chose Kingsway to reach Hendricks County and the world for His glory. It is the reason we exist. God cares for West Plainfield and expresses His love through Kingsway, we are His plan to reach them. Like never before, we have a compassionate and competent leadership and membership united around the cause of Christ, ready to take this next bold step of growth and faith.

We have been convicted from God’s Word, sought Him in prayer to hear His voice, highly studied data on the area, consulted experts about our viable plan to launch this new site. God has opened doors only He could open so our leaders have obeyed the Holy Spirit’s direction to buy 22 acres in the heart of West Plainfield. We step out in faith to follow Christ with total trust and surrender to God for His work to be done in and through Kingsway. We have communicated with our staff, leaders, congregation, KCS leaders, the Town of Plainfield, and Plainfield Christian Church about this decision.

We need to pray for God’s continued direction and blessing as all of Kingsway unites around the shared mission of glorifying God by making disciples of all nations. We need to look to the future in how God can do the impossible. We need compassionate and joyful servants to aggressively work in a community ready for harvest. We need each member to sacrificially invest in God’s Kingdom work by giving money to this project. We need each person to have a focused vision and undying love to be used to reach our community and world for Christ.

Our financial partner. The Solomon Foundation (TSF), fully supports our plan for west Plainfield from a spiritual and financial decision.  TSF President and leaders have personally toured and prayed over the site, and offered financial solutions to make this a reality. TSF board has reviewed all KCC financials and fully supports this exciting endeavor.   

Cost of Land: Some of you might remember the bank in front of Walmart that purchased under an acre for approximately $1 million dollars. The 22 acres we are looking is very close to that bank, yet, God, provided us the opportunity to purchase this land for only $1.4 million, in a cash transaction and by using our present equity and partnership with TSF.

Town of Plainfield: We are presently working in collaboration with the Town of Plainfield to coordinate with their downtown planned renovation. We will also be working with them to rezone some of that land for commercial use.

Funding Solutions: Kingsway is dedicating our annual year end giving to go toward the purchase of the property. Our 2018 goal is $700,000 Invest Here. This will pay for ½ of the cost and we look to use 2019 year-end-giving to finish paying that property off. Until then, we have an internal funding allocation that is dedicated to making monthly payments and that would not increase our weekly offering needs. Additional plans are to use approximately 50% of the 22 acres for the church site then sell the remaining acres for commercial use. The sell potential of those acres could be in the range of $4-5 million dollars, enough to pay for the new building construction and site development. We also will begin to be in talks with a potential strategic partner about launching an Early Learning Center as a part of our community care and funding solution.

Timeline: We are setting aside three days in January to meet with our Construction Champion, “Building God’s Way” to finalize building design and concepts while also discussion staffing, ministry, and volunteer approaches with our present staff leadership. We will immediately be working with Plainfield for zoning approval and once approved will put the acres we have designated for commercial use, up for sale and begin focusing on the church land portion. God could provide all the funds now, and if He did, we would still need over a year to construct the new build based on turn-around times. This however, give us many opportunities to begin to introduce ourselves to the families in the West Plainfield area by hosting “pop-up-church” on Easter, Food truck events on the trails to kids and families, and community outreach.

Prayer List: Please dedicate daily prayer for the following areas:

*God would save families: The lost and unchurched families of West Plainfield – for them to come to know Jesus – pray like never before.

*God would unite Kingsway: We have a worthy mission to give our lives to and it is enough for us to unite around this exciting opportunity. Join the team like never before.

*God would open doors: That Kingsway leaders would have favor with “man” as we discuss with decision makers about next steps in all logistics – lead like never before.

*God would provide workers: That God would send and call out laborers to serve in the “field” in West Plainfield – no longer is it acceptable to attend Kingsway and just sit – grow and get busy for Kingdom work! There is no doubt each member should be serving, no doubt God is speaking, it’s time for us to listen and joyfully obey. Serve like never before!

*God would provide resources:  That God would bring giving Champions to donate funds to this needed spiritual work – each of us can give sacrificially as we surrender our generosity to Christ, give like never before.

Take another step and download now your own “self-guided tour” and read on how Kingsway leaders are making decision about future expansions at Kingsway!

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