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Monday, June 3

Student Scholarship Session 1

Time: 6pm – 7:30pm

Kingsway Christian Church: 7981 E County Road 100 N, Avon, IN US 46123

Questions? Email Mary Stombaugh

Are you a parent of an incoming 8th - 12th grader this fall?

Then you'll want to keep reading: 

College is Expensive! The average student leaving college with a 4-year degree and $40,000 they have to pay back. Indiana is right in the middle, ranked the 22nd state in student loan debt with 57% of the state’s residence having almost $30,000 in debt. Most parents try their best to help out, but it can be overwhelming and the burden to find help can be daunting. Kingsway Student Ministry wants to help.
Jessica Stebing is a Kingsway attendee who knows her stuff when it comes to scholarships and we want to connect her with you. On June 3rd and June 10th, we will open up 2 classes at Kingsway to help coach 8th-12th  students and parents and help you get started on the right track. Have an 8th grader? Sign up – GPA matters in High School!
June 3, 6 - 7:30 pm in room A101. 
Scholarships Session 1 – What are they? Why are they important? Where can I find them? Creating an Activity List.
June 10, 6 - 7:30 pm in room A101.
Scholarships Session 2 – Writing a Resume, Essays, and Interviews.
Common Questions:

1. My student is just starting HS, should I really start processing scholarships that soon?
The earlier you start preparing your and your student for this, the better.

2. Why is the church offering this, can’t my student just talk to their guidance counselor?
Your guidance counselor has so many students and so many questions based on ACT’s and SAT’s that they might give you some guidance, but they will not be able to offer every student the information we are trying to communicate to you.  

3. Are scholarships really as intense as this is starting to sound?
With Interviews, resumes, auditions, testing, and the expectation that whatever scholarship is given goes to someone representing their funds, yes, yes it is.

4. Am I guaranteed a scholarship when we leave this class?
I wish we could, but we cannot guarantee everyone college financial freedom. We will do our best to help you ease into the process and get you focused on what to do moving forward.

5. Does it cost me anything to attend?
No – Just fill out this form so we know to expect you.

6. Is it being recorded?
At this time, we are not recording this conversation. You’ll have to attend to gain this information.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us at .

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