To read the official statement released August 11, 2019, by Kingsway Christian Church and School, please click here.

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever! Amen.”
– Ephesians 3:20-21 NIV


As you now know with regards to our Avon Campus, we are moving forward with Kingsway Christian School in their interest to purchase the entire campus. There is still work to be done, prayers that need prayed, and discussions to be had. I was able to share much of what is on my heart, including the why and the reality of where our church is financially Sunday, August 11th. If you have not yet heard that announcement, you can take a listen here < video >. We are excited about the potential future God has put in front of us. As a church, we have some hard conversations yet to come. These are really big, important, and emotionally charged things. I want you to know that’s why the entire Kingsway Church leadership team from elders to our executives to our staff are committed to seeking God’s will together. This is our church. It is not just my church.

There are multiple ways for you to get information and to ask questions. Please commit to seeking out the answers and clarity you need in any of the following ways:

  • Sunday, August 25th is our next CORE Leader Meeting. Our CORE Leaders are the people in our church who serve in various servant leadership roles. These roles are defined by each ministry department. At this meeting, we reviewed further details and addressed their questions.
  • A Congregation Town-hall meeting on Wednesday, August 28th. We presented the same material to everyone else in the church and allowed for questions as well. It was be held in the Worship Center. This meeting was recorded and can be below:

  • Weekly Town-hall meetings until September 15th. We are committed to giving you as much time as you want or need to talk through all of this.  So, we are going to schedule weekly town-hall type meetings for you to come and dialogue with us about whatever needs to be talked about and will inform you of those details in the coming weeks. Here is the schedule:

This is still God’s church. Our mission is still to become like Christ by celebrating His finished work, living like Him in this world, making Him known to the Ends of the Earth. Can I just say, there is no one in the world I would rather do this with than you either! I absolutely love our Church. 

Matt Nickoson


What are the next steps?

Step 1: Pray. Use this guide to join us in praying.

Step 2: Pray for KCS and Covenant Christian High School as they pursue a future together as one ministry.  

Step 3: God will unite us in a vote after a 30-day notice and informational opportunities have been provided to our Kingsway members.


Because we are joining God on mission to reach lost people with the Gospel and make disciples through our community of faith. For us, this is all about Kingdom work. It is all about reaching people the best way God wants us to reach them. Do you realize that we have over 200,000 square feet of space, enough to have 7 multi-site campuses? Do you know that we have additional land that could be home to 4 more multi-site campuses? That is 11 campuses that Kingsway could have, over 11,000 people we could be serving in our Kingsway community. We are sustaining a campus the size of seven multi-sites with the generosity of one site.
Jesus said in Matthew 25 that we are stewards of all the resources He places in our hands. Since we are about advancing the Gospel to see people reached for Christ, we must surrender to be faithful stewards of the gifts He has placed in our hands. We believe that by selling our campus for Christian Education allows us to relocate to reach more people. This campus is perfect for a school and the potential to become the Christian Education Hub of this entire state. Additionally, if we relocate, we can renovate a perfect location for a church to operate with open doors 7 days a week. This is God’s church to do Kingdom work the way He wants. If God allows this decision to move forward, it helps the church and the schools to unleash all we have and are for eternal work in His Kingdom plan. This decision aligns with how God is at work today in our world. 

There are many opportunities within Avon that we are considering. Some of these would allow us to renovate existing space, rather than engage in a new construct project at a fraction of the cost. Pray God continues to open doors of opportunity in the Avon area as we continue to pray through what God wants from us as a church. We believe God wants a Kingsway Campus in Avon, and this is the top priority for us in this possible decision.

The sale of the present campus and land offers us the ability to move and relocate. Our desire is to use the sale to pay off our present long-term debt and renovate a new location built for our specific church needs.

We will know more after June 15 and we will let the CORE Leaders and congregation know more information as we receive it, in the best and clearest way possible. Until then, let us join together in expectant prayer.

These projects are not directly connected and have separate strategies and funding approaches. We believe it will be totally possible to be in our new Avon relocation campus before Plainfield, if that’s what God wants. Our hope, please pray, is that we will be in our Plainfield campus by the end of fall 2020.

Over the last three years, God has made large strides with the church and school relationship. It is because of these strong bonds that allow us to make this joint decision in total unity and peace.

Again, the church is awaiting a decision by June 15. Then based on our agreed on terms, we will call a special meeting of our members to vote. We hope and pray that we will be unified as one voice and follow what Christ is saying to us as a church. We will let the members know 30 days prior to that meeting, which is in accordance with KCC bylaws.

Kingsway Church has offered the campus and land at a price that allows us as a church to directly invest millions into Christian Education while also receiving enough funding to free us from our present long term debt. The final amount is based on continued negotiations as we find the common ground for this decision.

Pray for God’s will to be done; that we will be dead to self and allow Jesus to live all over again. Everything we have been doing as a membership and learning in our life groups, ministry groups, mission trips, and on Sunday’s from the stage is to face decisions like this with powerful faith and trust in God. Pray for God’s will to be clear and evident and for us as a people to obey Him and trust Him.
The Kingsway Elders and Executive Team have been praying since last fall and believe this is God’s will for us as we move forward into the future. We now are opening up the prayer circle to include our CORE and members. Pray that we hear God’s voice. We trust that He will reveal what is best for His Kingdom work and mission. Pray for peace in our hearts and unity. Pray for God to reach new people. Pray that we make disciples who make disciples. Pray for unity in our body as we apply the nature of Christ in our lives. Pray for those that don't yet know Jesus, they are why we are doing all of this.

Although we believe that the schools are very excited about this unpreceded opportunity, this is a possibility. If that is the case, then we will let the membership know of their decision regardless of the outcome.

God’s Word knew we might get like this about buildings and property. He reminds us that we are the temple where He dwells. Our home is where our community of faith congregates. This campus has always been about having a thriving presence in Avon, and that will not change. We see the possibility of our new church campus being within a couple of miles from our current location. This is about an Avon Campus remaining in Avon, and experiencing home together as a family. That will not change.

We are only to make decisions with the light that we have. We made the decision to embark on Project New Day with the light that we had, and we knew that we had to provide dedicated Kid's Space for our Kids and that has been incredible for our Kids Ministry. We hope and pray that this space will be fruitful for the school, and we will continue to offer exceptional kids space at our new campus.

Kingsway Christian Church is the product of a church plant over 40 years ago. Now we can see that same investment multiplied again through Kingsway. Over the decades it was because of the faithful support, giving, sacrifice, and dedication of thousands of members over those years that even allows us to be in this position today to make this historic decision. Because of this possibility, the school and church can multiply our efforts in our shared mission. We stand on the shoulders of champions of the faith, including Chapel Rock, to be positioned for this and the next generations to come. Our leaders believe it is because and how to best honor the 40 years of heritage that we stand at this possible door. To those generations, we say “thank you” and hope that we are great stewards to see many come to know Christ in Avon.