"But Jesus called the children to him and said, Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these," (Luke 18:16).

Our Preschool Ministry provides God-inspired, Bible-centered, fun-filled opportunities for young children to learn about the Word of God. Our teachers are excited to introduce stories of wonder and amazement from the Bible. All of this is accomplished through  excellent volunteers who share God’s vision of bringing up children in him.

God made me.
God loves me.
Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

This is what preschool-age kids learn at Kingsway! Foundational truths for young hearts!

Our vision

We provide a safe and secure environment in which preschool children experience Jesus' love. We utilize worship, lessons and play so the truth can find a home in kids' hearts. And, we partner with preschool parents as they help their kids grow spiritually. Volunteers are the heartbeat of our ministry. So, they are trained, uplifted, and praised for their efforts so they may give their best to the kids.

Our mission

Teaming up with kids and their families to discover God in creative and fun ways that impact their hearts and actions.  

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      Check back soon for upcoming events related to this ministry.
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    • How Check-in Works
      How Check-in Works

      We put together this short video to inform parents and guardians about our kids’ check in system, Check-in Charlie. Let us share with you some important information for dropping off and picking up your kid from any of our Kingsway Kids areas.

    • Teach Your Kids to Pray
      Teach Your Kids to Pray

      Every once in a while we stumble across resources that are too good not to share with Kingsway parents. Have you ever struggled to teach your kid how to pray? If so, you'll find this resource super helpful. Here's a summary of 10 ways to teach your ...

    • Follow Kingsway Kids
      Follow Kingsway Kids

      Parents, stay connected to Kingsway Kids by following us on Facebook. In addition to your subscription to The Loop, our Facebook page is a great place to stay connected to Kingsway Kids, the staff and all that's going on. Visit our Facebook page ...

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    • Guest Services Specialist

      Kingsway guests can feel lost and overwhelmed once they have entered our busy, loud lobby. But we want them to feel at home. This team of volunteers helps guests get acclimated and that they get the ...

    • Preschool Team Leader

      This team helps run a specific classroom within the preschool ministry. This includes overseeing the volunteers, curriculum & organization of classroom and function of one's ministry area.

    • Preschool Team Member

      Children's preschool years are years packed full of learning, exploration, growth and excitement. This team matches kids' excitement as they introduce foundational truths about God's love for them ...

    • Reloaded Volunteer

      A large number of preschool and elementary-aged kids are at church for both the 9:15 and 11 a.m. hours. Instead of attending the same service both hours, these kids get to attend Reloaded where they ...

    • Special Needs Buddy

      Many families at Kingsway and in our community would have a difficult time attending church if they couldn't feel comfortable that their child with special needs would be loved and cared for. And, ...

    • Worship Team Singer

      The Bible encourages God's people to sing with all of our hearts as long as God gives us breath. Every person was created to worship. This team of singers leads vocally as Kingsway people worship God.

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    • Upcoming Curriculum Content

      We are thrilled to be able to participate with you in this next step of your child's spiritual growth. In the Preschool Ministry, we have a curriculum, FirstLook, that we use for all of our classes. Download this Scope and Sequence to see what we are currently learning about. Highlights of class includes beginning to do memory verse work, stories, activities oriented around the monthly theme, song time to introduce worship, and our Parent Cue take home page that comes out each month.

    • New Volunteer Resources

      We ask all of our volunteers to fill out a background check and a family ministry application form. Please print these documents and return them as soon as possible. If you have any questions please contact Jessica Allen at 317.272.3402.

    • Check-in Charlie

      logo-k-kids-check-inOne of the things we value most at Kingsway is the safety of our kids.

      The following check-in and check-out procedures ensure your child is safe while at Kingsway!

      Check-in & Kids Guest Services

      Kingsway has a sophisticated children's check-in system to ensure your child's safety and well being – and your peace of mind – while at Kingsway.

      If you are a guest or new to Kingsway, a Kingsway member at Guest Services can assist you. They will check in your child and help you know where to go. After you've checked in the first time, should you choose to visit again, you can use any of the check-in stations around the building.

      Parents will use the last four digits of the phone number they have provided us to check their children in using the self check-in stations. This number will also be flashed on the black boxes in the worship center and all adult bible study classrooms if a parent is needed during service.

      Kids Guest Servives as well as our Check-In Charlie stations are up 15 minutes before service starts until 15 minutes after service has started. This gives parents a 30 minute window to check in their children. If a family arrives after these check-in areas have closed, they will be directed to the main Guest Services area for help.

      Classroom Open Times

      In order to have time for our volunteers to get in their classrooms and get the rooms ready for the day, our classrooms do not open until 15 minutes prior to the start of service. If you arrive before this, we would appreciate if you would wait outside of the classroom.

      Check-out Procedure

      Parents must provide their coinciding Check-In Charlie tag to volunteers when picking up their child at the end of service. Volunteers will check to make sure the random 10-digit number matches on both tags before releasing a child to the person picking them up.

      If a parent or child has lost their tag, the child will be held until all other children and parents have left. This is to ensure the child's safety as best we can.

      If you have any questions, please contact the Kingsway Kids staff at 317.272.3402.

    • Parent Paging

      Should we ever need to get in contact with you when your child is in the nursery, preschool or elementary areas, we will notify you on our paging system.

      Digital display pagers are located next to the screens in the Worship Center and in every adult classroom. If your child needs you, we will display the last four digits of the phone number you used to check in. You then can report to the lobby to find out where proceed.

    • Illness Policy

      To help protect your child and all other children that attend our classes, we have adopted the following illness policy:

      If your child as had a fever within the last 24 hours, or is currently experiencing colored nasal discharge, or currently under the weather, we ask that you not bring them into the classroom.

      We will be thrilled to see them back with us when they are feeling better!

    • Preschool Worship

      Preschool is a time when children begin to learn how to worship our Lord through music. We have a team of volunteers who lead our preschoolers using music and motions every Sunday morning at both 9:15 and 11. The worship time lasts 10-20 minutes. There is nothing like watching our preschool children sing and shout to the Lord together!

      Below is the list of songs and the albums that the children are learning during the year.  You can purchase all of these songs through the ITunes store. 

      We hope you enjoy finding out more about the music your kids are learning!   

      * Lord, I Lift Your Name On High - Cedarmont Worship for Kids Vol. 1

      * I'm In the Lord's Army - Cedarmont Kids (Action Bible Songs)

      * Zacchaeus - Cedarmont Kids (Action Bible Songs)

      * King of the Jungle - Great Worship Songs for Kids

      * I've Got the Joy Joy Joy Joy Down in My Heart - Countdown Kids

      * What A Mighty God We Serve - Cedarmont Kids (Toddler Action Songs)

      * Lovely Noise - Shout K!ds Praise

      * Every Move I Make - Shout to the Lord Kids

      * Gonna Walk - Turn it Up (Amber Sky Records)

      * God Loves You and Me - One Big Gulp (Amber Sky Records)

      * My God Is So Big - One Big Gulp (Amby Sky Records)

      * Good News - Tommy Larson (Radio the World-Elementary Kids Worship)

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    • Mike JohnsonKids Team Leader | Birth-4th Grade
    • Mike JohnsonKids Team Leader | Birth-4th Grademjohnson@kingswaychurch.org

      Michael has been on staff since 1997. He ministers to Kingsway's preschool and Kindergarten kids and became the Kid's Team Lead in 2016.

      Home town: Monrovia, Indiana
      Family: Married to Cathy and dad to Todd and Brandon
      Favorite Bible verse: Psalm 40:31
      Alma Mater: Vincennes, 1982, and Indiana State University, 1984
      Favorite musicians: Amy Grant, Journey, Dan Fogelberg, Point of Grace, Eagles
      Favorite movies/TV shows: The Office, Everybody Loves Raymond, almost any sporting event
      Worst habit: Picking scabs
      Confession: I tend to be a control freak! I also have a fear of falling from heights and being updside down! 
      Favorite food: Homemade chicken & noodles and black raspberry cobbler or pie
      Favorite memory: Seeing Cathy in her wedding dress on our wedding day, seeing my kids being born, and watching the boys grow up.
      My greatest love: Jesus. My wife. My kids.
      If I could have any super power I'd ... fly!
      If I could travel back in time ... I wouldn't. I'd go into the future!
      I'd rather be ... 7'6" with a can't-miss sky hook.
      My bucket list: Travel. Travel. Travel!