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Series: Be Bold: Safe Is Boring

Sermon Title: Be Bold - Bold Vision

    Jan 31  |  Matt Nickoson |  Acts 1:1-2:41

    Current Series

    Be Bold: Safe Is Boring

    Be Bold: Safe is Boring


    The Christian life is full of adventure when it is actually lived.  For many of us we are more worried about staying safe than living fully.  We are bombarded with the constant fears and questions of “what if”, so we never move from our safe places to actually follow God’s leading in our lives.  The reality is that when it comes to this life we can never be safe on our own.  God did not promise a life without fear, but He did promise a life greater than anything we could lose. He promised do be our safety when we are living boldly for Him.

    In this series we are answering the question: “Who are we and where are we going?”  In the book of Acts, the first church lived a life so bold that it changed the course of history and impacted the world as we know it.  As God’s Church and plan A for the world, He calls us to Be Bold and follow His Spirit’s leading in our lives.  Being bold enough to truly live is not the absence of fear, but rather the presence of faith.  So Be Bold because Safe is boring.


    Week 1: Bold Vision

    Week 2 : No Strings-Attached Relationships 

    Week 3 :  The Big Ask

    Week 4 : Grasping Generously

    Week 5 : Full of It 

    Week 6 : Road to Somewhere

    Week 7 : You Have to See This



      Be Bold - Bold Vision

      Jan 31st  |  Matt Nickoson |  Acts 1:1-2:41

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