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Series: Storytellers

Sermon Title: Trust God With Your Story

Jun 28  |  Matt Nickoson |  Esther 7:1-9:28

Current Series

Revelations - The 7 Churches

“If you see Jesus more clearly from Revelation you got it! If you don’t see Jesus more clearly, then you missed it”-Dr. Mark E. Moore 

“The love for Christ they had at first had grown cold; also the love they used to have for other believers was replaced by suspicions of unsound teaching” – Bruce Metzger

“The presence of Christ departs when well-intentioned people, zealous to find the right way, depart from the ultimate way, which is love.” – Bruce Metzger  

“What the Risen Christ is saying to the Christians in Pergamos is this: ‘You are living in a city where the influence and the power of Satan are rampant – and you have got to go on living there. You cannot escape. You cannot pack your baggage and move off to some place where it is easier to be a Christian. In Pergamos you are and in Pergamos you must stay. Life has set you where Satan’s seat is. It is there you must live; and it is there you must show that you are a Christian.’” – William Barclay


    Jesus Revealed

    Jun 28th  |  Matt Nickoson 

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