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Series: Revelation - The End

Sermon Title: Revelation - The End

Oct 4  |  Matt Nickoson |  Revelation 4-5

Current Series

Money: God or Gift

A study of the book Money: God or Gift

Whatever you call it, the god of gold promises security, peace of mind, comfort, status, freedom, and all of our wildest dreams come true. From the Bible to the Beatles, however, our culture is filled with reminders that money can't buy what actually matters in life.

And yet money stills keeps us up at night. People worry about it, live for it, die for it, and even kill for it. Money: God of Gift presents a better way:

  • Get money without getting greedy
  • Spend money without shame
  • Save money without stressing
  • Give money without guilt
  • Enjoy money as a gift without worshipping it as a god

Put money in its proper place, and be set free.


Money: God Or Gift - Week One

Aug 30th  |  Matt Nickoson |  Matthew 6:24

Money: God or Gift - Week Two

Sep 6th  |  Todd Allen |  Luke 12:12-21

Money: God or Gift - Week Three

Sep 13th  |  Matt Nickoson |  Luke 12:31-38

Money: God or Gift - Week Four

Sep 20th  |  Matt Nickoson |  2 Corinthians 8:1-9:13

Money: God or Gift - Week Five

Sep 27th  |  Matt Nickoson |  1 Timothy 6:1-19

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